We deliver world-class technology

Our offer allows advertisers to reach viewers when they’re emotionally engaged by embedding brand messaging in relevant premium content. It’s a new, easy‑to‑plan ad solution for reaching large target audiences, and one that cannot be skipped or blocked.


Standardised ad units

Mirriad In-Video Advertising units are 10 seconds of quality exposure, sold and measured on an audience basis. Each unit meets industry standards for exposure, size and proportion, exposure clarity, duration, proximity to action, and prominence.


Enterprise-class platform

The Mirriad In-Video Platform is our secure enterprise-class platform that presents available ad inventory by audience, ad unit impressions, brand relevance, flight, frequency and budget. It provides a frictionless experience for planning, buying and executing large-scale campaigns across multiple shows and episodes.


Genius technology

Our Academy Award‑winning team has merged advanced video technology, AI and an enterprise-class platform to deliver the magic that is Mirriad In-Video Advertising.


2017 operational highlights

  • The Company was admitted to AIM following its successful IPO on 19 December, raising £23.7 million net of costs
  • The Group ran its largest single campaign in China in Q4, generating total impressions for the advertiser in excess of 800m
  • The Group signed a landmark contract in the US with Univision in October
  • The Group signed an extended term on its existing contract with Globosat in Brazil in September, extending the term by a further five years from the start of the original contract
  • The Company’s granted patents increased to 11 with seven additional patents pending as at 31 December 2017. These cover the Company’s core technology and are registered in a variety of territories including Europe and the US. A Chinese application was confirmed as pending in August
  • Grant funding secured from EUREKA Eurostars for the Valence project in February (total funding of £298k over the period of the grant)

Financial highlights

Net assets (£000)

£27,892k +129%

Revenue (£000)

£874k +23%

EPS (p)

(19)p +6%

Chairman and Chief Executive’s review

Chairman’s statement

Delivering a new advertising solution at

is our purpose

I am delighted to present the first Annual Report and Accounts for Mirriad Advertising plc following the Company’s successful admission to AIM on 19 December 2017.

Key events
As a result of the IPO, the Company raised net proceeds of £23.7 million. The fundraise has empowered the Company to expand the Group’s activities in its five target markets – China, India, the US, Brazil and Germany – the world’s largest and fastest growing advertising markets.

Roger Conant Faxon, Non-executive Chairman

Chief Executive’s statement

We have demonstrated the

of in‑video advertising

Progress in 2017: focus and maturing technology
Mirriad’s strategy has centred on three key areas: the development of core technologies; the development of an organisation capable of supporting large enterprise-class customers; and the deployment of the trading platform and associated in-video ad unit deemed essential to connect clients’ advertising budgets to the inventory we create and allow our business to scale.

Mark Sabin Tadeusz Popkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer



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